The Classic English Double Barrel

Photo Gallery

A damascus barrel set was salvaged from a junk breech loader.
Chambers trimmed to the correct depth.
Tapping the right chamber for the breech plug.
Proof testing the barrels.
Material to fabricate the breech plugs.
After fitting the breech plugs to the barrels.
Blank for creating the false breech.
False breech fitted to the breech plugs.
False breech shaped and ready for the next step.
Stock layout complete and ready to trim.
Barrel channel layout complete.
Beginning to cut in the barrel channel.
Barrel and loading rod channel finished.
Barrels fully let into the stock.
Layout for the false breech tang.
Positioning the triggers.
Laying out the trigger plate.
Trigger plate mortise.
False breech fully let and marked for the tang screw.
Trigger guard installed.
Wedge pin set into the forearm.
Locks installed.
Wrist is rough shaped.
Final proof test.
Butt plate layout.
Butt plate installed.
Cheeck piece rough shape.
Cheek piece final shape.
Stock fully shaped.
Finished and oiled.
Hand cut checkering on the wrist.
The checkering finished.
A view of the butt plate.
A view of the breech end.